We do not show all of the items that we display in our booth in our online store. If you would like to order something that you saw and it's not in our online store, then this is what you can do.

1. Click Here. (after you read the rest of this)

2. Select the finish. Rustic, Glossy Black, Copper and the newest Silver!

3. Select the size of the luminary you want. (3.5 diameter is the normal sized you saw in the booth)

4. Enter a description of the design you saw and would like to order. It must be something that I have made before. Otherwise I would need to charge for design/setup time.

5. Enter the quantity.

6. Press the Add to Cart button.

Don't forget the CANDLES!

If you want to order LED candles, you will need to go to the LED candles section.

Remember to order the correct size for your size(s) ordered above.